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How to Achieve the Best Version of Yourself

fitnessThere are a lot of personal development topics that focus on issues such as health, wealth, productivity and happiness. You can achieve the ultimate levels of health by eating right, exercising and having a stable mental state. For wealth, you can start a towing service business or any other business, invest in shares, real estate, mutual funds among others. However, there is a very important issue that most people overlook, and that is investing on oneself, to achieve the best version of what one can be.

What kind of person do you want to be?

To achieve the best version of yourself, the first thing you need is a self-assessment that deals with defining what kind of person you want to be. There are some ugly motives that prevent people from becoming the best version of themselves, and these include greed, vanity and addiction. Some people equate success with having it all and this appetite for success often leads to greed. An arrogant person in most cases considers himself perfect in everything they do.

Sacrifice for others

happyA lot of people succumb to vanity in their efforts to look good. Some people spend a lot of time, money and energy trying to improve their looks at the expense of working on their characters. Becoming the best version of yourself has more to do with a state of intellectual enrichment, sacrifice for others, empathy and the most important thing, kindness.

Do things in moderation

Addiction is more than greed and vanity, and accounts to most grief that people have in their lives. You need to try and do all things in moderation. If you want everything in extreme amounts, soon or later, things will get out of balance. Addiction becomes an insatiable hole inside us that is not easy to fill.

You need to understand that not two people are exactly the same. This means the best versions of themselves will greatly vary. We all seem to like and admire heroes, but we might not certainly be like them. You have to sit down and figure what type of person you want to be, by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, and striking a balance on things you can avoid, and others you want to improve on. Join a healthy club that helps you to work on productive things. Start a culture of reading and knowledge seeking that exposes you to things that can help your life.