Habits of Highly Effective People

businessWhen we are looking at the habits of highly effective people, we can’t miss discussing Stephen R, Covey’s book where he explains the seven practices of highly effective people. As we go on with our day to day activities, and without a pause to think about what we are doing, we might assume that we are working as productive people. However, that is not always the case. Everyone needs a moment to sit down and reflect on how effective and efficient he or she is in life.

In order to change any given situation, you must first change yourself, and to change yourself, you must have the ability to change your perspectives. Do you want to become one of the most effective people in life? Then try out these habits.


Be Proactive

First, you must take charge of your life, your situation and your destiny. You must be able to choose the scripts by which to live your life. Use this self-awareness to take responsibility for your choices. What sets us apart from other humans is the ability to examine our character and decide how to act in different situations, and to take active control of those situations. To be effective, you must be proactive. Reactive people will always make a passive stance; they believe that the world is unfair and happening to them. Proactive people recognize that they have a responsibility.


Begin With End in Mind

The success of highly effective people happens because they start with a clear destination in mind. In everything that we do, we must begin it with an end in mind. Start whatever you do with a clear destination. Doing so ensures that you are taking the right steps in the right direction. It is straightforward to get caught up in various activities in our life that can disrupt our work. With the true self-awareness, you will be able to shape your own life instead of living life by default.


Put First Things First

To manage your life better, you must out first things first. You must have the discipline to prioritize on what is the most important and not on what is the most urgent. To maintain this discipline and focus, and to stay on track towards meeting your goals, you must have the zeal and willpower to do something you don’t want to do. You must act according to your values rather than your desires.

Think Win-Win

To be able to establish an active interdependent relationship, you must be ready to commit to making and creating a win-win situation that is mutually beneficial to both parties. If it is a win-win, both people win- agreements and solutions are mutually satisfying and beneficial to both parties. If you can’t reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial to both parties, then it’s better to have no deal.

Other critical habits of highly effective people include; seeking first to understand, then to be understood. Before they offer advice or suggest solutions, they try to understand though emphatic listening deeply. Highly productive people also synergize.



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