How to Deal With Procrastination

procrastinationMany people confuse procrastination with laziness, but that is not the case. Procrastination is an active process where you choose to do something else instead of doing a particular task you should be doing. In contrast, laziness related to inactivity and unwillingness to act to a job beforehand. With procrastination, one aims at ignoring unpleasant but more essential tasks in favor of those they enjoy doing efficiently.


The Problem

For more than 120 years, psychologists have been trying to figure out the science behind procrastination. 75 percent of students admit being procrastinators while 50 percent do it on a regular basis. The most common things students do during procrastination include playing, sleeping and watching TV.  Researchers have found out that procrastination is mostly associated with irrational beliefs, low-self-esteem, depression, a fear of failure among others. Those with low self-esteem are more likely to procrastinate due to their self-protective strategy.


Overcoming Procrastination

There are a couple of methods one can employ to deal with procrastination. First, do the task just a few times. Procrastinators spend a lot of time doing other tasks that are purely distracting. Start a task that involves the hardest part and because when you start a task, your brain remains alert until you finish it, that’s the first step towards dealing with procrastination.

Do the hard and most important tasks first. The harder the work, the more concentration, and energy you will need to complete it. It thus makes a lot of sense to do the hardest things first then doing them when you are already tired.


Improve on Self-Regulation

You can avoid procrastination by improving on self-regulation abilities and beliefs. Self-regulation refers to the ability to select appropriate strategies and things and doing them during a task. Procrastination has time and again been described as the failure to self-regulate. This, therefore, emphasizes the importance of self-regulation in tackling procrastination.

You also need to manage your environment. If you are faced with temptations, you are more likely to be distracted by them. One of the biggest distractions of our century is phones, internet, and the social media. Consider your working environment and try to make it as conducive as possible. Set yourself a short deadline and increase your confidence and self-belief.

The key to overcoming procrastination lies first in recognizing that you are procrastinating. Plan out your day and ensure that you don’t skip any task on your calendar.

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