Practical Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work

productivityDo you often find your workload getting out of control? You start your day with a plan to achieve so much more, but see yourself getting distracted, only focusing on low priority tasks and just procrastinating. Most of us are not productive mainly because of two reasons; we embrace bad habits that interfere with our productivity at workplace, and we tend to be reactive rather than productive. This means we spend a lot of our time responding to and trying to react to issues that do not matter.

So, how can you regain control of your productivity? No one aspect defines how to become productive. However, in this guide, we have gone to greater lengths of what can be done if you are looking forward to becoming more productive.


Do heavy Tasks in the Morning

Always do the heavy lifting when you are at your best. There is the advice that you should not do mental sludge tasks like answering emails and responding to calls in the morning. However, start your day by doing any work that is most demanding regarding creativity and execution. Productivity experts advise that you should use your morning to focus on yourself. Start your day by getting a good breakfast, reading the news, working out, meditating and planning whatever may help you achieve your goals.


Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is a huge productivity killer. Research shows that as much as 40 percent can reduce productivity through mental blocks people create when switching from one task to the other. Multitasking may also have some physical damages to the brain. Research also shows that those individuals addicted to using multiple devices simultaneously may have a low grey matter density in their brain area. This area is associated with emotional control and plays a crucial role in decision making.


Prepare a To-Do List

to do listPrepare to do list for the next day on each night. To do lists prove to be exceedingly invaluable productivity aids that can quickly get you organized. They provide you with a focus and a reward of feeling satisfied when you are not able to effectively track what you have accomplished. By preparing a to-do list each night, it means you won’t waste time in the morning trying to make one. A to-do list proves to be among the top arsenals you should have for your productivity.

Delegate Accordingly

Once you can delegate tasks effectively, you will be amazed by the extends of the things you can achieve. Your job becomes much faster and more comfortable. For many managers and other business people, delegation is the main item that helps them make more out of their busy schedules. Note that other people complain that delegation gives managers more task of supervising others. However, the truth is that delegation lessens your work and frees up your schedule to achieve more.

Other habits that can make you more productive at work include cutting down your to-do list, eliminating distractions, planning phone calls and breaking up work periods with exercises.



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